You Are My Home (Evim Sensin) with English Subtitles

The first act of the film presents the heroes, a lady named Leyla and a man named Sait. The motion picture features their inadvertent meeting, trailed by their ensuing seeking regardless of their distinction in societal position that ought to have kept them separated.
Watch the video below with English subtitles.

Leyla is a 27-year-old form architect, spurned by her sweetheart, an associate who was likewise a hitched man. Discouraged, she goes to a store, where she catches a tall, good looking man with whom she has a slight misconception. Following that, she returns home and, getting her dad’s pardoning, chooses to begin her life from scratch again.

One day while going with her dad, who is the CEO of a construction firm, she circumstantially meets the man whom she prior found at the store. He is Sait, the construction site’s foreman who is concentrating to get a degree in architecture.

Despite of the fact that he, at first seems like an unpleasant and messy construction specialist, Sait radiates sheer manliness in its most essential physical frame. Leyla right away fancies Sait and effectively courts him. There are numerous sweet occasions that happen in the event of their romance, in the long run prompting their marriage.

The second act takes after the couple cheerfully subsiding into wedded life, with Sait planning their fantasy house and Leyla figuring out how to wind up plainly a housewife. Over the long haul, be that as it may, Leyla starts to show carelessness, incorporating an episode in which a fire breaks out due to a stove she’d neglected to kill. While Sait burst the into flames in time, the reality of the episode and others like it drives them to look for medicinal help.

The third act manages Leyla’s initial beginning Alzheimer’s ailment finding, and the couple’s resulting reaction to it. Leyla at first encounters dissent, at that point turns out to be vigorously troubled by the information that she will overlook her significant others. In any case, they make the sense of duty regarding remain together and as the illness advances, the trials the couple experience increment on account of Leyla’s disintegrating memory. At last, Leyla settles on the choice to leave their home and take a look at herself into an assisted facility.

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