Beautiful Turkish Celebrities in their 40s

For modern women, the 40s are still young, but some look younger than others. We have listed 10 famous and beautiful Turkish celebrities enjoying their 40s while looking like they are just in their 20s. Here you are: 1. Nurgül Yesilcay The movie actress, born on March 26, 1976, is now 40 years old, looks […]

Melania Trump One-Ups Her Hurricane Stilettos With an “I Really Don’t Care” Jacket, Worn Visiting Children at the Border

Melania Trump has given the world another bewildering style minute from her ludicrously uninformed emergency closet: On her approach to visit kids close to the fringe in McAllen, Texas, some isolated from their folks by her significant other’s zero resistance migration strategy, the First Lady was shot wearing a $39 green Zara coat that says, […]