3 Easy Ways To Make Magnesium Oil – The Health Benefits Will Surprise You!

Is it accurate to say that you are getting enough magnesium in your eating regimen?

Try not to be too certain you are. Magnesium inadequacy is extremely normal. Truth be told, it might really be inescapable. Research proposes that around half of the US populace may really be getting not exactly the prescribed day by day measure of magnesium through their weight control plans. For what reason does it happen? There are an assortment of guilty parties, yet some regular ones include:

Having type 2 diabetes

A GI tract issue like Celiac illness or gluten narrow mindedness

Constant drinking

Age (which impacts retention)

An excessive amount of calcium (a great deal of multivitamins support calcium over magnesium, which restrains assimilation)

Mechanical cultivating procedures, water filtration, and different trappings of present day life are currently expelling magnesium from our weight control plans

To put it plainly, a medical issue may make you more inclined to experience the ill effects of magnesium lack, yet regardless of whether you are an alive and well individual in each other regard, you could in any case be getting deficient magnesium!

Why Do You Need Magnesium?

Magnesium is magnificent stuff! It’s fundamental to various distinctive substantial frameworks and capacities. It enables your body to take advantage of the energy of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which gives you the vitality to get past your day. It actuates nerves and muscles, and helps with the union of spic and span DNA and RNA. It bolsters processing and enables your body to take in the sustenance you require from proteins, fats, and sugars. It’s additionally a forerunner to key neurotransmitters, for example, serotonin.

What is Magnesium Oil?

There are various distinctive structures you can get magnesium in. You can eat magnesium-rich nourishments, take multivitamin containing magnesium, or even simply take an independent magnesium supplement. There are additionally topical ways you can apply magnesium. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium and awesome for a splash—in addition to a huge amount of different advantages.

And afterward there’s magnesium oil! The name is misleading, in light of the fact that it isn’t really oil by any means. It’s really magnesium chloride which is suspended in water. The surface of the blend happens to be slick, and accordingly the misnomer. It acts as a grease because of the surface, however, so maybe the name “oil” is as yet helpful since it can be utilized for comparative methods..

Magnesium Oil Benefits
It has a broad range of applications, but some of the most common benefits of magnesium oil include:

Alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis, joint issues, and inflammation.
Reduce the pain of injuries or overworked muscles.
Fall asleep faster at night and sleep more soundly.
Boost energy levels, both by helping you sleep better and longer at night, and by activating ATP in your body.
Relieve headaches, especially migraines and tension headaches.
Reduce the symptoms of restless leg syndrome (RLS).
Treat eczema and other skin conditions which cause inflammation and pain.
Relieve PMS cramps and other discomfort associated with your monthly cycle.
Replace your deodorant. Many users of magnesium oil say it works just as effectively, if not even better.
Helps to balance your hormones.
Improve gum health (by swishing it around in your mouth).
Reduce muscle spasms and associated pain.
Relax and relieve stress and anxiety.
Improve your overall health. Every cell in your body makes use of magnesium, so there are few better ways to give your entire body an instant overall boost.
Magnesium absorbs very effectively through the skin, so the oil is a particularly effective way to take advantage of all of the benefits!

Try These Simple Recipes to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil!
While you can buy magnesium oil from the store, you can also make it yourself at home to save money. It should be just as effective if you formulate it right and apply it when you need it.

Recipe #1: Easy and Basic

All you need for this recipe is half a cup of magnesium chloride flakes, and half a cup of distilled water. You boil the distilled water (it is really important that it is distilled!), then put the flakes in a glass bowl or measuring cup. Pour the boiling water over the flakes, and stir until the flakes have dissolved into the water. Wait for it to cool, then add it to a spray bottle. You can store and use this mixture for up to six months.

What if you don’t use distilled water? The mixture will still work, but the shelf life will be a lot shorter. Distilled water lets you use it longer!

Recipe #2: Epsom Alternative

If you don’t feel like purchasing magnesium chloride flakes, you can pick up Epsom salts instead. Epsom salts are a lot cheaper, which is one reason you might try this alternative. Epsom salts do not have as long-lasting or potent an effect as chloride flakes, but depending on your budget, they may still be the better idea. Plus, maybe you just want a way to take an Epsom salt “bath” without the “bath” part!

Making this mixture is very easy. Mix equal parts water and Epsom salt in a pot on the stovetop. Heat up the pot so that the Epsom salts can dissolve into the water. After waiting for the mixture to cool, transfer it into a spray bottle. You can use it the exact same way you use the original basic recipe above with the magnesium chloride flakes.

Recipe #3: Coconut Oil Body Butter with Magnesium Oil

If you want something a little more luxurious, you can try this exciting recipe for DIY whipped coconut oil body butter with magnesium oil. For this treat for your skin, you will need the following ingredients:

¼ cup organic extra virgin coconut oil
½ cup unrefined cocoa, mango, and/or shea butter
¼ cup magnesium oil (you can use the oil you created using recipes #1 or #2 above if you wish)
Essential oil of your preference (optional)
To make this recipe, you will begin by melting the coconut oil and whichever butter you chose over low heat. Pour them into a medium sized bowl after they melt and let them cool for half an hour.

When they begin to turn opaque, you are ready to grab a blender and start whipping them. While you are doing this, begin adding the magnesium oil. Do it gradually, and keep whipping everything as you go. Add any essential oils you choose at this juncture. Once you are done, you can put the mixture in your fridge.

Wait around 20 minutes, then pull it out. If it has reached the point where it is semi-solid, you can blend it again. At this point it should take on a perfect fluffy texture. You can then put it in a glass jar and store it in your fridge. Why does it need to be refrigerated? If you store it out on the counter or in your cabinet, it may melt and start losing the whipped texture. This stuff should hold for a few months before you need to whip up a new batch. Kudos to Kayla for inventing such a great recipe. If you’re trying to alleviate stress, you may as well really pamper yourself, and this is the way to do it!

How Do You Use Magnesium Oil?

You can splash on magnesium oil or rub it on; how you apply it is dependent upon you. You should know however before you attempt it that you can expect a “shivering” sensation. “Tingling” here is somewhat of a code word. It’s extremely a greater amount of a by and large stinging. Hence you should mind a little fix of skin before you apply the stuff generously to ensure that you’re available.

In the event that this sounds repulsive, make an effort not to stress over it. After some time, as your body winds up plainly used to the magnesium and your stockpiles begin developing once more, the stinging sensation ought to diminish. The other uplifting news is that the “shivering” doesn’t generally stick around. It might sting for a couple of minutes after you apply it, however once it douses into your skin, the sensation ought to leave decently fast.

Here are some different tips for applying your hand crafted magnesium oil:

Avoid touchy regions unless you particularly need to shower on those territories. Regions with greasy tissues like the stomach, hips, and thighs will be inclined to additional stinging. Likewise avoid the neck on the off chance that you can, and wrinkles in your skin.

In the event that you have recently shaved a territory, attempt to stick around 12 hours before you apply magnesium oil there. That skin is as of now bothered, and will respond despondently to the expansion of another aggravation.

On the off chance that you dry-brush your skin to build your flow, once more, stick around 12 hours before you utilize magnesium oil. Your skin is additional touchy after dry-brushing.

Give your body at any rate thirty minutes to assimilate magnesium oil before you bounce in the shower or the shower.

On the off chance that you see a white film or powder on your skin subsequent to applying the oil, don’t blow a gasket. This is consummately ordinary, and it ought to be anything but difficult to wipe it off.

Note that you can empty this stuff straight into your shower, much the same as while including Epsom salts. This works awesome for a mitigating splash following a monotonous day’s worth of effort.

On the off chance that you have normally wavy hair, you can shower a little into your tresses to get beachy waves.

Also, remember, you can utilize magnesium oil as a characteristic antiperspirant.

Presently you thoroughly understand the marvels of magnesium oil and why it is extremely popular right at this point! This truly is a standout amongst the most practical and valuable home cures you are regularly going to discover. It’s incredible to unwind, de-stretch, mitigate hurting muscles and disturbed skin, rest better, thus considerably more. Appreciate the simple formulas above, and make certain to share your own DIY magnesium oil formulas, tips and traps with us in the remarks beneath!

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