The story behind Kurt Seyit & Sura

If you haven’t seen it and are looking to be swept off your romantic feet, check it out.

You can’t just watch one episode! (it binds you to watch more and more) The actor has this piercing gaze, he is swoon-worthy handsome, and the lead female plays the innocent role of a young girl very well. From a plotting standpoint, even though it is set during war, the focus is completely on the romance aspects.

Through a combination of “very painstaking research and boundless imagination” Kurt Seyt’s real-life granddaughter, Nermin Bezmen wrote about the lives of a Russian aristocrat and a Turkish soldier, and their romance. She later acted as a consultant during the making of the TV series. The romantic historical drama is set beginning in 1916, and takes place in Russia, Crimea and British-occupied Istanbul.

Story: At the dawn of the Russian Revolution, handsome WW1 Russian Lieutenant Seyit Eminof falls in love with Sura, the beautiful daughter of an aristocratic Russian family. After declaring his love to her in several incredibly romantic scenes, Seyit goes off to war, torn because his father is determined he will marry a Turkish girl.

Fighting beside his three closest friends, Seyit has no idea that Petro, another of the “band of brothers,” has joined the rebelling Bolsheviks and is plotting destruction. When the Revolution breaks out, Russia is forced to withdraw from WW1 and both Seyit and Sura find their aristocratic families the targets of the rebels. After much tragedy and suffering, they escape (along with Seyit’s best friend Celil) to Istanbul and make a life amongst a family from Seyit’s hometown who owns a hotel there.

But their troubles aren’t over. The city is under British martial law and ruled by a ruthless officer who has no fondness for Seyit or his refugee countrymen. When Seyit and Sura welcome Petro with open arms, they have no idea that he is secretly plotting to destroy Seyit and undermine the couple’s love at every turn. Will Seyit and Sura’s love persevere to the end, or does Seyit’s father’s decree and Petro’s deceit destroy them in the end?

Starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Kurt Seyit Eminof and Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Alexandra “Şura” Verjenskaya.

But overall, the story (a dashing military hero and a beautiful young woman, a heart-wrenching romance in the midst of war, tragedy, deceit, heartbreak, and perseverance!) gripped her tight and hasn’t yet let go.

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