Best Hairstyle Idea for 2018

New Year, a new look. If you are thinking about changing your looks, and if you want it to be fashionable and up-to-date with fashion trends, you need to know about the new hit hairstyle that literally crawled the whole world.

It’s about a hairstyle that fits perfectly with each other, it does not bring a drastic change in the length of your hair, which you will still look different.

It is a trend that was created by the Hollywood-based hairdresser Anh Co Tran, and it is a broken wavy hairstyle with an ombre patch.

Although this is a practical hairstyle that adapts to each color and length of hair, however, the most beautiful impression is obtained when its length is up to the shoulders and the ombre is removed.

Hairdressers unanimously agreed that this haircut will be the most sought after in 2018.
Ombre rows look perfect only if they are properly made, so in combination with broken curls look quite attractive.

Hollywood hairdresser Anh Co Tran called her new technique “New Wave”, and apart from changing the texture of her hair, this technique makes her look very impressive and interesting.

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