Cukur Epiosde 2 with English Subtitles

Watch Cukur Episode 2 with English subtitles The control of Çukur from Istanbul’s most troubled neighborhoods is in the hands of the Koçovan family. While the Koçovars directed Çukur, the most important rules are that they should never allow drugs. However, the current order is distorted by the emergence of a new group whose eyes […]

Evim Sensin with English Subtitles

Watch Evim Sensin with English subtitles The movie presents a lady named Leyla and a man named Sait. The motion picture features their inadvertent meeting, trailed by their ensuing seeking regardless of their distinction in societal position that ought to have kept them separated. Leyla is a 27-year-old form architect, spurned by her sweetheart, an […]

The Reasons why we watch Turkish Series

Many people all around the world are going crazy over Turkish dramas. Many people don’t understand this addiction though. We see many news about Turkish drama invasion in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Turkish dramas have been exported to over 100 countries and Turkey has become the world’s second highest […]