Elegant Bottle Decoration

An empty wine bottle makes a great vase or decoration piece on its own,just how many interesting and creative ways one can use these empty bottles, be it for something functional or pure décor.

The first step to any of these projects is to empty the bottle(s).

If you love getting in the holiday spirit then why not decorate your bottles accordingly? Show your excitement and appreciation for any and all your favorite holidays, from Halloween to Christmas, with a bit of wine bottle décor.

Use rope(twine) as material, because it brings a rustic, nautical charm to the bottle. It really is as simple as wrapping your bottle with twine and adding some glue along the way. You can add little accent pieces like these rosettes, but I prefer the simplicity of the twine on its own.

Glittered bottles, With just a bit of glue and glitter, you can create these lovely bottles that are perfect for vases or any decoration that you want. You can use them as centerpiece vases for reception tables for a wedding or any other special event. They are easy and relatively inexpensive. You just have to have a few glass bottles on hand and then purchase the glue and glitter. You can use electrical tape to mark off areas of the bottles that you don’t want to glitter and make your own patterns.

So here are some great tips for decorating the bottle itself!

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