Erkenci Kuş / Early Bird – Episode 8 Trailer 2 (Eng & Tur Subs)

Guliz: We’re done, we got burnt, we’re over.
Deren: What can a bad thing happen to us?!!
Sanem: The stick is very good.
Mevkibe: Is Sanem okay?
Ayhan: Okay, Sanem. Sanem is very good/okay. She went to work, I don’t know anything else.
Can: Didn’t Sanem resignated, what is she doing there?
Emre: i don’t know, brother, ask by yourself.
Can: So, she is in the office right now?
Sanem: Come out to the door, I bringed the files you wanted. I don’t wanna come inside.
CeyCey: Don’t come inside though, Sanem. You don’t know what happened to us. Just if you know……….
Sanem: He came. Mr Can came

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