Hadi Be Oglum (Come My Son) Trailer #3 with English subtitles

I love you father. I’m so lucky to have you…
This is the only sentence a father would like to hear from his child. Although sometimes just a look can tell a father how much he is loved. “Hadi be Oglum is” a story about how life can change with the arrival of a child.
How a father can turn the world upside down for his child’s gaze, and what sharing love really means. Ali and his father’s modest life in Kas are changed forever when Leyla shows up. Leyla who enters their lives suddenly, leaves just as suddenly, leaving them a gift… Efe.
A man becomes a father the first time he holds his child. And when a man becomes a father, love takes on a whole new meaning. With Efe’s arrival, Ali, who has always been a son, begins to understand that fatherhood is a long and emotional adventure. Events unfold while Ali struggles relentlessly for his son. Father and son are witness to a completely different life.
Ali will have to make new choices and he realizes that he will do anything for his son. Ali realizes that happiness is like a single drop in the ocean, and it comes when it is least expected. And he will understand that the unrequited love between a father and his son is an unshakable bond.
Hadi Be Oglum (Come My Son) Trailer #3 with English subtitles

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