Hadi Be Oğlum/ Come on Son 1 Fragman with English Subtitles

Finally, Kivanc Tatlıtuğ, who recently starred in Cesur ve Guzel on Star TV, returns to cinema after 5 years. The 34-year-old actor tells Olkan Özyurt from Sabah about his new film Hadi Be Oğlum.

“Five years. Why so long from cinema?”

“After Kelebekin Rüyasý, I saw the result of my motivation in the movie and wanted to have a different career in cinema. Cinema is different from TV series. You do what you do in a series, you become a part of popular culture. I don’t take offense. But I think cinema ought to be separate. That’s why it took so much time between the movie Kelegekin and a second movie ”

Why didn’t he take part in other projects?

“The film offers. There were projects that I did not take, but there were projects that I thought were good … I listened to my inner voice when I received the offers. I decided I will only work on projects that are of interest to me. ”
What’s he looking for in the movie?

“I was looking for an updated story with social content that would touch the movie in a real sense.” “Come on, my son” was the film project I was looking for. “The father-son story was interesting to me. You will say why. Because it’s a role I’ve never played, it was so interesting that I wanted to play it. The characters that I am often asked to play are heroes. This character is the hero of the neighborhood or town or a street. He has a counterpart in the audience. There are audiences of such stories all over the world. In this movie there is a man who is his son’s hero. This is interesting to me. ”

Watch Hadi Be Oğlum/ Come on Son 1 Fragman with English Subtitles in the video below

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