Melania Trump One-Ups Her Hurricane Stilettos With an “I Really Don’t Care” Jacket, Worn Visiting Children at the Border

Melania Trump has given the world another bewildering style minute from her ludicrously uninformed emergency closet: On her approach to visit kids close to the fringe in McAllen, Texas, some isolated from their folks by her significant other’s zero resistance migration strategy, the First Lady was shot wearing a $39 green Zara coat that says, in immense white lettering, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” Less than multi year subsequent to standing out as truly newsworthy with Manolo Blahnik stiletto heels, which she wore to visit another gathering of Texans, those stranded by the decimation of Hurricane Harvey, it’s hazy what reason she could discover to wear a piece of clothing with such a message to the Upbring New Hope Children’s Shelter, where somewhere in the range of 55 kids live in limbo.


You could state the coat’s message is a fitting analogy for the First Lady’s endeavors at softening a portion of the president’s more fierce and disliked arrangements, in that it totally undermines them. From her against tormenting stage to the previously mentioned trek to Houston, Melania’s dull motions at offering herself as a more compassionate White House apparatus than her significant other have reliably missed the mark regarding any important activity. Indeed, even her revealed second thoughts about the strategy of isolating kids from their folks at the outskirt, which the president said impacted his choice to sign an official request finishing the convention, have just externally landed: Thousands of youngsters are as yet isolated from their folks, without any plans yet reported to rejoin them, and the most recent fringe approach will hold families, however together, conceivably inconclusively, in confinement focuses, a similarly nightmarish prospect. Not long ago, Donald Trump utilized “invade” to allude to vagrants crossing the outskirt, a significant number of them looking for refuge.



Melania is a foreigner herself, having gone to the United States on an “Einstein visa” (for individuals with “phenomenal capacity”) from Slovenia as a model once with a Camel cigarette advertisement in Times Square. “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” flawlessly wholes up the lack of concern that numerous vibe both Ivanka and Melania Trump show underneath talk that positions themselves as open assumes that see themselves first as spouses and moms.

Despite the fact that she expelled the coat before landing from the plane in Texas, showing up at a question and answer session at the safe house in a white safari shirt, it appears to be difficult to trust that the First Lady could have missed the colossal articulation on the back, or that she could have missed the suggestion it would have amid her visit to McAllen. Maybe the Zara thing was a beautician’s endeavor to pre-empt feedback, likewise with her foot sole areas, that Melania’s costly gatherings when going by damaged individuals is tasteless (however the down-home unwavering quality of shopping center streetwear is alleviated by the coat’s Marie Antoinette– esque millennial-talk message). “This was 100 percent her thought. She totally needed to come,” a representative said of her excursion south—however shouldn’t something be said about her outerwear? In another announcement, her representative stated, “It’s a coat. There was no shrouded message.” It was unquestionably not concealed—it was truly embellished on her back. In this somewhat flawed White House, it appears to be similarly as likely that a right hand with a motivation could have held out the article of clothing for her, back covered up, with the plan to demonstrate the organization’s actual, monstrous hues.

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