Most Popular Traditional Turkish Desserts

Desserts are the feature of Turkish cooking. Turkish cooking is has an extensive variety of desserts from puddings to refined phyllo batter which works even with meat, yes actually!

The assortment of Turkish desserts originates from social exchanges and verifiable legacy from antiquated human advancements.

We have prepared a list of the best desserts of Turkish cuisine. This traditional desserts selected by their popularity and taste.


Lokma is a street type desserts. Lokma means “bite” in Turkish. Its size is about a chestnut. Lokma is a piece of dough fried in oil and  flavored with honey, sugar syrup, or cinnamon.

This little sweets had a crunchy surface outside covered with lemon flavoured syrup and has a soft center. If you see a lokma distribution in somewhere do not miss it. People will be glad if you get their lokma.

Halka Tatlısı a.k.a. Kerhane Tatlısı (Brothel Dessert)

Halka Tatlısı is a very original street dessert. It’s like churros covered with sweet sherbet. Its cheap and can be found in every main street, avenue.

You can definitely have a Halka Tatlısı, and be cool its sold everywhere now, don’t be ashamed, you can also have fun with your Turkish friends by buying them some Halka Tatlısı.

Kaymaklı Ekmek Kadayıfı

It is a Turkish bread pudding dessert. It is usually served with kaymak, a kind of clotted cream. This version of bread pudding that is served with kaymak, a type of sweetened cream; this dessert provides a thick and sweet finish after a traditional Turkish dinner.


This traditional Turkish dessert is called ‘şekerpare’ (shek-EYR’ par-EH’), which means “a piece of sweetness.” Try some and you’ll see why it’s exactly that.

These sweet, sticky and tender cookies are made from semolina, flour and powdered sugar that are baked golden brown and left to steep in sweet, lemony syrup.  The more syrup they soak up, the better. They should be tender enough to cut and eat with a fork. Şekerpare is made in nearly every Turkish household, sold in every bakery and sweet shop and appears on nearly every Turkish restaurant menu.

 Lokum the “Turkish Delight”

Lokum is usually served with Turkish Coffee, but it is mostly bought as a gift to represent Turkish culture.

With today’s rich variety of ingredients and nuts there currently are several flavors such as rose, pistachio, hazelnut, walnut, almond, coconut and almond, cream, cream with cinnamon, mint, mastic, cinnamon, ginger, clove and coffee, and fruit flavors like sour cherry, strawberry, orange, apricot, and lemon.


All over the world people love and eat rice pudding. It is so widespread that every country has its own preparation style. In Turkey people cook rice pudding with water, milk, rice, sugar and rice flour. In modern versions people added vanilla flavor, too.


When you ask a Turk what to eat as a Turkish dessert, baklava is the most common answer. Turks love sweets and baklava is a fine example of this. The description of baklava is simple: chopped nuts are spread in between the phyllo (yufka) layers, dressed with butter, baked and sweetened with syrup or honey. However, this is not a simple dessert to make.


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