Rangers legend out for lunch with three of current crop!

Nacho Novo out for lunch with three current

Nacho Novo joined Eros Grezda, Alfredo Morelos and Daniel Candeias for lunch and fans will be hoping he can pass on his Ibrox wisdom to the current crop. The Spaniard shared a photo of the lunch to his Instagram earlier this evening.

Novo is an international player who knows exactly what it means to play for Rangers. There’s no doubt Nacho will be telling them just how big a deal playing for the club is.


Alfredo Morelos and Daniel Candeias will be more than familiar with life at Ibrox by now. But Eros Grezda is yet to make his mark at the club

The hard-working Rangers icon was a hero to fans in his day. His commitment, his industry and his ability were always welcome at Ibrox and there’s no doubt he’ll go down in the club’s history. Nacho’s also always been a great ambassador for the club off the pit

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