Sen Anlat Karadeniz 5. Bölüm Fragmanı with English Translation

Watch Sen Anlat Karadeniz Episode 5 Fragman 1 with English Translation

Nooo 🙁
Vedat -Hello my dear wife.
Tahir – I couldn’t save this girl.
Vedat – Now that we are here i am thinking this could be our honeymoon after 8 years we were postponing it.
Nefes – You are a maniac. –
Tahir – Dead or alive, I will take Nefes back. –
Vedat – Now look at me for the last time.
– One last time look at the man you betrayed.
– Vedat no
-Goodbye my love (Gunshot)

At the age of sixteen she was forced to become the wife of Vedat Sayar in the house she had closed for eight years, and the only beautiful thing in her life was her son Yiğit, who was seven years old. Breathing in the violence that he sees day and night for eight years, he tries to escape by taking his son at every opportunity. But every time he gets caught, the doors are locked again and again exposed to violence. Every attempt to escape will fail, until she meets Tahir Kaleli.

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