Sen Anlat Karadeniz Episode 10 Summary

After Tahir`s final proposal Cemil was left with no other decision than to give the cash back to keep his sneaking products .
Turkan comprehended that it was Merkan who uncovered their plans to Tahir and Cemil slapped his girl . Tahir went to his home to give the cash to Mustafa and admit his affection for Nefes and his goal to take her away . Nefes uncovered to Berrak Tahir`s proposition to leave and Berrak requested to know where they would go . Asiye chose not to do any work at home .

Cemal let Vedat think about the cash he needed to offer back to Tahir and Vedat got angry understanding that his arrangement fizzled . Tahir demanded to have an answer from Nefes whether she needed them to leave or not but rather Nefes continued dodging him until the point when he consented to give her some more opportunity to choose . In spite of the fact that her mom was extremely annoyed with her for selling out her dad , Mercan admitted to her sister that Tahir has been ideal about Nefes while everything their dad did wasn’t right . Nefes asked Mustafa for what reason he gave over Yigit and Mustafa demonstrated her the video with Vedat`s admission . Nefes beseeched him not to offer it to the police and imperil Tahir`s life .

Mustafa requested her absolution and took her to Tahir`s most loved place by the ocean to influence her to comprehend that Tahir wouldn`t have the capacity to live far from Karadeniz . In the wake of realizing that Cemil had slapped Mercan , Tahir tossed every one of his weapons into the ocean . Cemil went to the Kalelis outfitted however Mustafa faced him and influenced him to leave .

Berrak met Vedat who gave her a prescription to begin tranquilizing Nefes with it . Berrak was beaten mercilessly by Vedat directly after her landing in Karadeniz and undermined with the life of her family to consent to take after his requests . Nefes rejected Tahir`s proposition to leave and approached him for them to stay and expectation that one day everyone would acknowledge her .

Mustafa exhorted Medat to explore Eysan`s part in Vedat`s father kill . Berrak began sedating Nefes with Vedat`s drug while Fatih admitted his doubts about her to Medat . Vedat sent a photo of him eating with Nazar to Nefes who indicated it to Murat . Nefes and the youthful Kalelis took Yigit to class where Tahir was sitting tight for them . Berrak asked and ran with them which made Fatih significantly more suspicious . Murat went to go up against Nazar about the new picture to be seen by Cemil who followed him .

Whenever Nefes and Tahir turned out from school with Yigit , they experienced Mustafa . Yigit got frightened when Mustafa raised his voice to his mom and crossed the road to secure her while Cemil`s auto was achieving the school at a similar minute . Mustafa bounced infront of the auto to spare the child . The solution began making Nefes feeling bleary eyed and having mind flights . Whenever Tahir and Nefes backpedaled to Osman`s , Esma was holding up there to reveal to them that Vedat opened a case to get Yigit`s authority …

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