Sen Anlat Karadeniz Summary of Episode 9

When Tahir founds out his brother’s betrayal he starts “fuming” like Black sea.. he gets mad and goes to find him in order to ask for an explanation.The only thing that can calm him down when he is in great pain and would say “i need you” is his “haven” Nefes… Even Tahir’s brother is sorry about what happened, Tahir lost his confidence in his brother who he thought was standing by his side as a mountain. Nefes every day is afraid that Nazar will fall in Vedat’s trap and live through the same experiences with her. Nefes who knows Vedat’s intentions, though she doesn’t say the truth to Tahir, she doesn’t do what Vedat told her to.

Nefes is still shaking after hearing Mustafa’s betrayal but she is shaking even more when she meets a woman-victim like herself..A woman of the village who heard that Osman Hoca took Nefes into his house starts gossiping about it..Nefes puts her own pains aside and tries to heal the “wounded bird” ..but on one hand the nightmares on the other hand Vedat’s game over Nazar , the gossiping ..a little woman alone trying to fit in the huge Black sea.

All that finally left her breathless..Saniye’s violence is added to all the testing Nefes went through..Tahir who doesnt accept the betrayal of his brother and his mother sacrifice himself..” This land is my homeland but for you is a foreign land Nefes! Let me be the one who needs to emigrate..” Is Kaleli family falling apart??

An oppressor mother… a son who doesnt fit in! The Black sea family how is going to pay for that?? What is going to happen in Mustafa’s life?? He is dealing with the consequences of the Sayar-Dağdevan partnership and he is all alone…

Is Karadeniz going to fail the test???

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