Tuba Buykustun Tv Series

Tuba Buyukustun is one of the most popular and famous young Turkish actresses of contemporary cinema and television series. She was born in Istanbul July 5, 1982. After graduating from High School, she enrolled at the University of Fine Arts, where he specialized in costume and set designer.

While still a student, Tuba decided to appear in advertisements. The bright appearance of the girl caught the attention of advertisers. Tuba began receiving offers that could not refuse, especially since they were such famous advertising brands like Kremini, Molped, Maximum Cart, Pantene.

On the set of ads famous Turkish film director noticed and appreciated her and invited to star in his show “Sutlan Makamı“. She agreed, and so she made her first debut. In 2004, the Tuba starred in the TV series “Çemberimde Gül Oya“, which brought her fame in Turkey.

In the same year she starred in Gyulizar, where she played the lead role and received an award for The Best Actress. “Under the linden shadow” (Ihlamurlar Altında) series brought to Tuba Buyukustun the real glory, where she played the sister of a rich guy who fell in love with her brother’s rival. For this role she won the award for The Best Actress series.

Next role in the TV series Asi  brought her tremendous success not only in their own country, but also far beyond its borders, showing once again that Tuba  is international star. In this series, she played the daughter of an impoverished farmer who fell in love with a rich and successful man, but their families were against the relationship of the young. For this role, the actress received the award for “Best Actress in the series.” Asi series was named the second best series in the world following the “Beauty and the Beast” at the 80th awards ceremony in Monte Carlo. It was a choice of three billion television viewers from 67 countries among the 15 series.

In 2010, Tuba starred in “Ask your heart” / “Yüreğine Sor” as Esma, for which she again received an award as the “Most Successful series actress.” And then, she starred in the TV series Breaking the hearts / Gönülçelen as gypsy Hasrat, girls growing up in a poor neighborhood of Istanbul. For this role, Tuba has won two awards, “The actress of the year”.

In 2010, the actress fell in love with a partner on the series Breaking the hearts / Gönülçelen Onur Saylak and in July 2011, the couple decided to get married, the wedding was held in Paris.

In January 2012 the couple had twin girls Maya and Tropak.

In 2016 Tuba started casting in the series Cezur ve Guzel as Suhan together with Kivanc Tatlitug.



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