Awesome DIY Pallet Project Ideas

What was once just a slab of wood used to ship and move products in stores and warehouses is now one of the hottest items for DIY connoisseurs to work with!

Some of the ideas are decorative and fun, while others are practical. There are DIY’s for every room of the house as well as everything outside.

While they may seem intimidating to those who are new to the crafting world, getting creative with a pallet is the perfect opportunity to push your imagination and see where it takes you.

Find all DIY pallet projects here…Enjoy!

1. Pallet Flag
A great piece of decor for the home.

2. Coffee Cup Holder
A fun and creative way to display some of your favorite mugs

3. Stenciled Sign
Personalize any space in your home.

4. Cascading Planter Box
Your yard will look amazing with one of these gorgeous planters in it!

5. Outdoor Pallet Sofa

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