Hadi Be Oğlum/ Come on Son 1 Fragman with English Subtitles

Finally, Kivanc Tatlıtuğ, who recently starred in Cesur ve Guzel on Star TV, returns to cinema after 5 years. The 34-year-old actor tells Olkan Özyurt from Sabah about his new film Hadi Be Oğlum. “Five years. Why so long from cinema?” “After Kelebekin Rüyasý, I saw the result of my motivation in the movie and […]

Kivanc Tatlitug in the role o Kemal Ataturk? Is this true?

Mustafa Uslu the producer of the hit movie “Ayla” is working on a new movie called “Istanbul Gaymak Turkish Ice Cream”, the true story about a camel herder and and an ice cream maker that determined the fate of the Gallipoli War. Uslu wants Kivanc Tatlitug to play the role of Kemal Ataturk, the heroic […]