Chloe Kardashian chose the name of her child

After Chloe Kardashian officially confirmed the news of her pregnancy, she decided to appear on television for the first time.

The thirty-three-year-old reality show star expects the first child with basketball player Tristan Thompson, and in the show of Ellen DeGeneres openly talked about the relief that followed after revealing her secret to the public.
“In the beginning, the first three months are the worst. No one knows about your pregnancy and you feel uncomfortable. Once people find out about your pregnancy, you already have all excuses. Now I look pregnant, not just fat”, she explained.

Also, Chloe added that she would avoid pregnant clothes as long as possible, and in terms of choosing her name for her child, she said that she would finally be able to find out after learning his sex.
If he is a boy, I would like to be called Junior, Tristan Junior, but if she is female, I would not know where to start. However, I would like the name to start with K or T, added Chloe.

She hopes to marry Tristan in the future, but the couple aren’t in hurry to do so.
I hope to get married. However, I do not rush about anything about it. As you know, I’ve already done a lot of hurrying before this, she said.
At the end of the interview, Ellen tried to extract details about the alleged pregnancy of her younger sister Kylie Jenner, but Chloe, with a diplomatic response, got out of that issue.
– I do not know, you have to ask Kylie, answered the reality star.

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