FIFA will punish Cardiff if it does not pay for the transfer of Sala

FIFA will punish Cardiff if he does not pay for the transfer of Sala

The World Football Federation (FIFA) can impose sanctions on Cardiff if the club does not meet the deadline for the first installment for the transfer of Sala.

Cardiff has to pay five million euros to Nan by the end of next week.

Earlier it was reported that the Welsh club wanted to wait for the results of a formal investigation to uncover the circumstances of the disappearance of the 28-year-old Argentinian whose private plane disappeared from the radar screens over the La Manche night of January 21st.

Sala’s, whose transfer has been estimated at 20 million euros, has not played a single match for Cardiff.

British services have reported that the body recovered from the plane which has been demolished at the bottom of the English Channel that Sala flew to Cardiff belongs to the footballer.

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